April 12, 2024

San Antonio Parks and Recreation

PlaySA Scores Again: 13th Basketball Court Renovation Unveiled at Jimmy Flores Park

The PlaySA initiative is once again making waves in the community with its 13th Basketball Court Renovation, marking another milestone in its mission to enhance recreational spaces across the city. A collaborative effort between Spurs Way, San Antonio Parks Foundation, and the Parks and Recreation Department, PlaySA is on a multi-year journey, investing a total of $1 Million to bring about impactful improvements to parks throughout San Antonio.

The latest triumph in this ongoing project unfolded at Jimmy Flores Park, where a vibrant ribbon-cutting ceremony celebrated the unveiling of the newly renovated basketball court. The event drew enthusiastic participants and supporters, signaling the tremendous impact PlaySA continues to have on the city’s recreational landscape.

Jimmy Flores Park, now boasting a state-of-the-art basketball court, stands as a testament to the transformative power of community collaboration. This particular court is proudly sponsored by Coca-Cola and showcases a distinctive touch with a Spurs Give and Sprite logo backboard, adding a unique flair to the playing experience.

The weekend celebration at Jimmy Flores Park was more than just a ribbon-cutting ceremony. It was an opportunity for local youth to come together, participate in practice sessions, and engage in basketball drills. The court, now a vibrant hub for sports enthusiasts, provides a dynamic space for community members to stay active, build connections, and foster a sense of togetherness.

PlaySA’s commitment to the community goes beyond physical enhancements. It’s about creating spaces where residents can come together, share moments of joy, and build lasting memories. The collaborative efforts of Spurs Way, San Antonio Parks Foundation, and the Parks and Recreation Department continue to make a significant impact on the well-being and happiness of San Antonio residents.

The success of the Jimmy Flores Park basketball court renovation is a reflection of the dedication and support from the community. It is a reminder that when individuals and organizations unite for a common cause, they can bring about positive change that resonates in the hearts of all involved.

As PlaySA looks ahead to future projects, the organization expresses heartfelt gratitude to everyone who has contributed to the initiative. Together, we are creating vibrant and inviting spaces that promote a healthy and connected community. PlaySA is not just renovating basketball courts; it’s transforming lives and making a lasting impact on the city of San Antonio. 🖤🏀🩶