June 16, 2024

Whataburger’s New Hot and Iced Coffees Are Here to Fuel Your Caffeine Obsessions

SAN ANTONIO — Your favorite burger spot now doubles as your go-to coffee shop! Introducing Whataburger’s new Iced Coffee, now available at all locations systemwide. This refreshing pick-me-up will be served all day, every day, along with an all-new hot coffee blend for a caffeine fix whenever you need it.

Iced Coffee takes Whataburger’s “Goodness 24/7” promise to a new level. Order it black — if you’re all business — or opt for the delicious flavors of Vanilla, Caramel, or Mocha added to the new brew. Cold and crisp from the first sip, Whataburger’s iced coffee is a great companion wherever the day — or night — takes you.

“Our customers wanted iced coffee, so we took the opportunity to elevate our entire coffee lineup,” Whataburger Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer Scott Hudler said. “We sourced beans from the coffee belts of Central and South America, and our menu team spent significant time researching and testing new recipes. The result is a premium, proprietary blend with the quality our Guests expect to fuel them 24/7. And with the addition of Vanilla, Mocha, and Caramel flavors, you can customize your coffee to have it ‘just like you like it.’”

Whataburger’s new coffee is a premium blend of 100% Arabica beans. The balanced but flavorful mix was created for Whataburger using beans from Colombia, Honduras, and Nicaragua. The Whataburger Iced Coffee blend has the bold aroma of dark-roasted coffee, rounded out by a blend of nutty, smoky, and toasted flavor notes and a vibrant finish.

If you prefer a traditional, steaming cup of Joe, the new Whataburger Hot Coffee (both regular and decaf) has the classic aroma of a medium roast hot-brewed coffee, medium body, smooth finish, and flavor notes of citrus and brown sugar. Even better, it’s available all day, every day — eliminating the coffee desert that exists after midnight in most cities.

Piping hot or ice-cold, both coffees are the perfect companion to Whataburger’s sweet and savory menu items. Get your morning motivation with a Classic Hot Coffee and a Cinnamon Roll, or energize your afternoon with an Iced Vanilla Coffee and Fries.

So whether you’re starting your day or need a late-night boost, Whataburger’s new coffee lineup has you covered. Stop by any Whataburger location to enjoy these new brews, customized to your liking, anytime you crave a delicious coffee fix.