June 12, 2024

Credit: Sandbox VR

Virtual reality gaming experience to soon open in San Antonio

Sandbox VR is known as the global leader in the free-roam virtual reality experience and they’re building a location in San Antonio. The location of the immersive gaming experience will be at The Rim, 5822 Worth Parkway in suite 202 and has an opening date set for Friday, March 17, 2023.

Sandbox VR combines full-body motion capture and high-quality haptics to provide the most realistic approach to virtual reality gaming.

This location features four private rooms called “holodecks” which a group of up to six players convene to share a virtual world and rely on each other to succeed in game missions.

Guests can select between six games right now such as: Deadwood Valley, Deadwood Mansion, Curse of Davy Jones, Amber Sky 2088, Star Trek: Discovery, and UFL: Unbound Fighting League. It has not been mentioned on how often games will be rotated out.

Those who book their experience by March 16 will take advantage of a discounted price of $39 per person. The typical rate is $50 per person Monday through Thursday. Friday to Sunday it is $55 per person. All purchases include a highlight reel.