June 12, 2024

Utility Work to Temporarily Close Section of Ring Road Near Mission Marquee Plaza

Beginning Monday, September 11, 2023, a section of the ring road providing access to Mission Marquee Plaza, Mission Branch Library, and the YMCA will be temporarily closed to facilitate essential utility work. This road closure is an integral part of the ongoing construction of the World Heritage Center and is expected to last for approximately 8 weeks.

The closure will result in several changes for residents and visitors in the area. Here is what you can expect during this period:

Access to Mission Branch Library 

During the utility work, access to the Mission Branch Library will be available only through Roosevelt Ave. Visitors are advised to plan their routes accordingly and consider potential traffic disruptions.

Access to the YMCA 

If you are planning to visit the YMCA, please note that access will be limited to VFW Blvd. Alternative routes should be taken to reach the YMCA facilities, and extra time should be allotted for any potential delays.

Fencing and Parking Restrictions 

A fence will be installed around the utility work area, prohibiting vehicle access and parking in the affected section of the ring road. Visitors are encouraged to park in alternative locations and use the designated access points to reach their destinations.

Temporary Removal of Overhead String Lights 

As a safety measure, the overhead string lights in the closed section of the ring road will be temporarily removed during the construction period. This is to ensure the safety of workers and pedestrians in the area.

Signage Throughout the Facility 

To help guide residents and visitors through the changed traffic patterns, there will be clear and informative signage placed throughout the affected area. Please pay close attention to these signs and follow the instructions provided.

The utility work is a critical step in the construction of the World Heritage Center, which promises to be a valuable addition to the San Antonio community. While the temporary closure may cause some inconvenience, it is essential for the timely completion of this significant project.

Local authorities are committed to minimizing disruptions and ensuring public safety throughout the construction period. It is advised that residents and visitors plan their routes, consider alternative transportation options, and allow extra time for their commutes to account for any potential delays.

The City of San Antonio appreciates the patience and cooperation of the community as they work to enhance the cultural and historical resources of the region. Updates on the progress of the utility work and any changes to the timeline will be communicated to the public as necessary.

For more information and updates on the road closure and construction project, please visit the official City of San Antonio website or contact the City’s Department of Public Works.

📣 Important Announcement:🗓 Beginning Monday, September 11, 2023, a section of the ring road that accesses Mission…

Posted by City of San Antonio World Heritage Office on Friday, September 1, 2023