June 16, 2024

Uniting Brews and Dreams: Alamo Beer Co. and VIVA Brewery Merge to Elevate San Antonio’s Craft Beer Scene

In a union that promises to enhance San Antonio’s craft beer community, VIVA Beer and Alamo Beer Company are thrilled to announce their merger. This exciting merger will bring together the best of both worlds, creating a powerful synergy that will strengthen their shared commitment to crafting exceptional, approachable beer for the San Antonio community and beyond.

A Rapid Rise to Local Stardom

For VIVA Beer co-owners, Micheal (MJ) Johnson and Bobby Jones, their innovative style, self-distribution model, and contract brewing partnerships fueled their rapid growth since 2019, and they have become a San Antonio favorite at a rapid pace. After a fortuitous meeting with Alamo Beer Company in 2022, Johnson and Jones saw the Alamo Beer Co. team taking the helm of brewing operations for VIVA. The result was a dynamic partnership built on shared values and a deep passion for San Antonio.

Johnson, co-owner of VIVA Beer, states this merger is not only an exciting next step but also a testament to the mentorship and support they’ve received from the Alamo team. “Eugene has been a mentor of ours since we started. With the help of the Alamo team, we know we can continue to grow the brand throughout San Antonio and beyond.” Jan Matysiak, Alamo Beer’s new VP of Operations and talented brewmaster, is excited to lead the brewery team in continuing the VIVA recipes of their much-beloved craft beer to an even larger fan base.

A Shared Journey

Eugene Simor, owner of Alamo Beer Co., shared his enthusiasm for the merger, stating, “I have been really impressed with how quickly VIVA has grown and how the beer has resonated with San Antonio.” It was only 20 years ago that Simor was delivering kegs out of his minivan all over San Antonio, and the similarities with VIVA’s growth shed some light on why this is a special event for both companies. Be sure to look for VIVA Beer’s “Ale Camino” which is rigged with taps to pour beer from the back. Some things never change.

Ale Camino and Beyond

One iconic aspect of VIVA Brewery that will remain unchanged following the merger is the “Ale Camino.” This distinctive vehicle, a Chevrolet El Camino retrofitted with working taps, has been a fixture at various events around San Antonio year-round. It not only serves as a mobile beer dispenser but also as a symbol of VIVA’s commitment to bringing their unique brews to the people. The continued operation of the Ale Camino will undoubtedly delight fans and serve as a reminder of the brand’s heritage and dedication to the San Antonio community.

A Bright Future

As the craft beer scene in San Antonio continues to grow, this merger promises an exciting future, with both VIVA Beer and Alamo Beer Company working hand in hand to craft exceptional experiences, celebrate the essence of San Antonio, and raise a toast to the vibrant craft beer culture that defines our beloved city.

The union of these two iconic Texas brands is more than a business move; it’s a testament to the spirit of collaboration and mentorship that thrives within the San Antonio craft beer community. With shared values, a passion for quality, and a commitment to the city they love, Alamo Beer Co. and VIVA Brewery are poised to create a new chapter in San Antonio’s craft beer history, one that promises to be as exciting as it is flavorful. So, let’s raise our glasses and toast to this exciting merger and the bright future it holds for San Antonio’s craft beer scene. Cheers!