April 12, 2024

Union Pacific to alter “haunted” rail road tracks

San Antonio Ghost Tracks at are just as popular as barbacoa and Big Red. Union Pacific who owns the railroad tracks at Villamain and Shane Road will be installing a 10,000-foot siding track running parallel to the existing main line according to UP spokesperson Jeff Degraff.

UP will also be modifying some of the elevation that will eliminate the illusion of being pushed off the tracks by the “ghost children”.

UP will be closing the tracks temporarily on October 22nd – 26th to make the adjustments and will re-open the area when finished.

For years, people make the trip to the tracks to see for themselves that if their vehicle will be “pushed” off by the spirits who died in the crash in which happened in another state.

For many years, UP had known that this phenomenon caused a lot of people to flock to the area but due to the amount of traffic in the area, there was a safety concern for the trains in the area. In addition to the upgrade, UP spokesperson said that there will be a gate and lights installed to further enhance the safety.