April 18, 2024

Texas Supreme Court looking into court appeal of Hays Street Bridge

The controversial building development to be constructed next to the Hays Street Bridge landmark is going to the Texas Supreme Court.

The proposed five-story condominium is being looked at because the sale of the land that originally was donated was to be for a park. In March, City Manager Sheryl Scully had stepped into give the go-ahead of the project’s construction with conditions attached.

In 2012, the Hays Street Restoration Group had sued the city of San Antonio for the sale of the land. The HSRG took the issue to a higher level.

Amy Kastely, an attorney stated: “The court agrees it’s an important issue worth their time and I believe the Supreme Court will ultimately fund in our favor.”

City Attorney Andy Segovia said: “The city of San Antonio welcomes the court’s interest in these very important matters and will continue to work with the community on smart development for the area surrounding the Hays Street Bridge.

The case won’t be discussed until September 2018 at the earliest.