February 23, 2024

Texas Cavaliers River Parade 2024 Celebrates American Landmarks, Honors Education Center

The historic Alamo was filled with enthusiasm as crowds gathered today to partake in the 2024 Texas Cavaliers River Parade, a vibrant event that celebrated the theme “Viva America: Great American Landmarks.” This year’s parade, which drew a diverse and excited audience, featured a distinguished Celebrity Grand Marshal, William Beckmann, and shone a spotlight on the charitable efforts of the New Texas Cavaliers Education Center at The Alamo.

Theme: “Viva America: Great American Landmarks”
The 2024 Texas Cavaliers River Parade paid homage to the rich tapestry of American history with its theme “Viva America: Great American Landmarks.” Spectators along the route were treated to a visual feast of floats adorned with iconic landmarks from across the nation, showcasing the diversity and grandeur of the United States.

Celebrity Grand Marshal: William Beckmann
Adding a touch of star power to the festivities, this year’s Celebrity Grand Marshal was none other than William Beckmann. The acclaimed personality led the procession with charisma, waving to the excited onlookers and contributing to the parade’s lively atmosphere.

Charitable Honoree: New Texas Cavaliers Education Center at The Alamo
Amidst the revelry, the Texas Cavaliers River Parade took a moment to highlight the importance of education and heritage with the designation of the New Texas Cavaliers Education Center at The Alamo as the Charitable Honoree. This recognition underscores the commitment to preserving and promoting knowledge about Texas history, ensuring that future generations have access to valuable educational resources.

Those seeking additional details about the 2024 Texas Cavaliers River Parade are encouraged to visit TexasCavaliers.org. The website provides comprehensive information about the parade, including highlights, participating organizations, and ways for the community to get involved.

The Texas Cavaliers River Parade continues to be a beloved tradition, bringing together communities to celebrate history, culture, and the vibrant spirit of San Antonio. As the festivities conclude, organizers express their gratitude to everyone who participated and contributed to making this year’s parade a resounding success.


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