June 12, 2024

Tejano Music Awards Summer Fan Fair 2021 returns downtown San Antonio after being postponed

Get your dancing shoes ready San Antonio, The Tejano Music Awards Summer Fan Fair 2021 is hosting a free three-day event happening at the historic Market Square on July 16th through 18th.

Live music of Tejano and Conjunto music will be taking place on four stages as one of the biggest Tejano events of the year. The event had been postponed from March and entirely cancelled last year due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Now that things are back open, the events are set for 100,000 fans to gather around in the outdoor spaces. There will be plenty of food and beverage booths around.

Here is the schedule for the weekend. *Subject to change / rain or shine event.


San Saba North Stage San Saba South Stage Hidalgo Stage Concho Stage
3 pm Grupo Vidal
4 pm Conjunto Animo 4 pm Tejano Calvary 4pm El Chavalon
5 pm Katie Lee Ledezma 5 pm Grupo Anaya 5 pm Jose Ricardo Y Legado 5 pm Grupo Pecado
6 pm Nando Y Los Solja Kings ft Alize Nino 6 pm Los Banger Bros 6 pm Laura Linda 6 pm TBA
7 pm Jesse Villarreal 7 pm Zenzio 7 pm Angel Gonzalez 7 pm Michael B
8 pm Baraja De Oro 8 pm A-T Boyz 8 pm Conjunto Cats 8 pm Leroy Urabazzo
9pm Grupo Imagen 9 pm Mike Gonzalez & The Iconiczz 9 pm Lydia Castillo 9 pm La Justicia
10 pm Boni Mauricio 10pm Los Texmaniacs 10 pm Marcus Daniels Y Algo Suave 10 pm Nightlife
11 pm Lucky Joe 11pm La Calma 11 pm El Dorado Band 11 pm KEDA Special Guest


San Saba North Stage San Saba South Stage Hidalgo Stage Concho Stage
2 pm Los Leones
3 pm Grupo Pronto 3 pm Conjunto Mi Gusta
4pm Zerenoa 4 pm Christina Valdez 4 pm Ser Fiel
5 pm Tina Mares ft Ben Ozuna 5 pm Texas Latino 5 pm Beatriz Y Deztino 5 pm Grupo B&B
6 pm David Lee Rodriquez 6 pm The Homeboyz 6 pm Roxxy Y Grupo Tejazz 6 pm Los Chicanos
7 pm Magali Delarosa 7 pm Roger Velasquez & The Latin Legendz 7 pm Virginia Y Valor 7 pm Neto Gutierrez
8 pm Monica Saldivar 8 pm JR Gomez Y Los Conjunto Bandits 8 pm Frequencia 8 pm Yoyo Y Los Big Dawgs
9 pm Sunny Sauceda 9 pm La Sonora 9 pm Ramon Lucio Y Los Dominate 9 pm Conjunto Animo
10 pm Rick Fuentes & The Brown Express 10 pm Fama 10 pm Jonny Martinez Y Los Dominate 10 pm Grupo Prezzion
11 pm Da Krazy Pimpz 11 pm Los Chamacos 11 pm La Distancia 11 pm KEDA Special Guest


San Saba North Stage San Saba South Stage Hidalgo Stage Concho Stage
2:30 pm Nuevo Oro
3:30 pm El Predilecto 3:30 pm Baraja De Oro 3:30 pm Bob Ram Band 3:30 pm TBA
4:30 pm Emmanuel J 4:30 pm Jesse Villarreal 4:30 pm Mysterio Band ft Buddy C 4:30 pm Papi Chulos
5:30 pm Marcus Daniels Y Algo Suave 5:30 pm Cindy Ramos 5:30 pm Analiz Mireya Y Kadenzia 5:30 pm Los Vigilantes
6:30 pm Tejano Roze Y Nueva Sensacion 6:30 pm Pio Trevino 6:30 pm Conjunto Puro Corazon 6:30 pm Los Conjunto Cats
7:30 pm Eddie Gonzalez 7:30 pm David Farias 7:30 pm JR Reyna Y Grupo Elegido 7:30 pm KEDA Special Guest
8:30 pm South TX Homies 8:30 pm Conjunto Romo 8:30 pm Joe Vic Reyna Y Los Kumbacheros 8:30 pm Los Marceles
9:30 pm Los Garcia Bros 9:30 pm Albert Zamora Y Proyecto Zamora 9:30 Los Enamascarados 9:30 pm KEDA Special Guest