June 23, 2024

Southern Californian company Nékter Juice Bar opens first San Antonio location

Santa Ana, California based Nékter Juice Bar just opened up their very first San Antonio location in the town of Alamo Heights. The uptown location opened their doors early June and features açaí and a fresh juice bar located at 5920 Broadway St.

This business is the first in the city to introduce a full-menu featuring açaí bowls instead of customizing. There’s four handcrafted bowls to select from such as the Acai Banana Berry, Acai Peanut Butter Bowl, Dragon Fruit and Acai Mango Bowl.

Then there’s the “functional bowls” menu that features Watermelon Sorbet Bowl, Immunity Bowl, PB&J Bowl, Protein Powder Bowl and the Acai Superfood Bowl.

Now in the smoothie category they have the “functional” smoothies like Watermelon Berry Smoothie, Pineapple Matcha, PB Mocha, PB&J Smoothie, Health Nut and Cold Brew. You can also select seven “regular” smoothies or just make your own with a base and your favorite fruits and veggies to blend in.

As for the juices, they’re fresh and are packed with approximately three pounds of fresh fruits and veggies. There are seven house flavors to choose from on the menu or you can customize your own juice blend.

If you’re seeking to do a juice cleanse, they got you they have the “Classic Detox” or the “Celery Detox”.

Shots anyone? They have two wellness shots on deck to choose from that are made fresh with high quality ingredients packed with the essential vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that your body craves. Select from a ginger or turmeric shot.

They’re open 8am till 6pm.