June 16, 2024

Six Flags Fiesta Texas San Antonio opens world’s steepest dive coaster

What has three 21-passenger train cars that lifts riders 150 feet up into the air and locks them there for a few seconds before dropping them down at 95 degrees at 60 MPH? It’s the Dr. Diabolical’s Cliffhanger that just opened up on July 30, 2022. This thrill ride coaster travels on 2,501 feet of track then takes riders through an Immelmann inversion. That’s not all, riders also experience a 270-degree zero-g roll, a 75-foot near vertical drop, a “wild-banked” turn and an extreme airtime hill before reaching the high-speed finale.

This ride takes thrill to the max. Those visiting Six Flags Fiesta Texas can locate this attraction at the Crackaxle Canyon Steampunk District of the San Antonio theme park. So the question is… who wants to ride?