April 14, 2024

Sister of Chris Madrid’s opens her own burger place

Diana Madrid, who is the sister of the late Chris Madrid just opened up her own burger joint at the corner of Woodlawn Lake and Zarzamora. Exact address: 2202 N. Zarzamora St – San Antonio, TX 78201.

The spot is called “Diana’s Burgers” and features different types of burgers made with quarter-pound patties, topped with your choice of American or cheddar cheese, jalapeño’s and/or bacon.

Check out that burger overflowing with cheddar! Oh, my that looks delicious!


So if you’ve enjoyed Chris Madrid’s… check out Diana’s Burgers.

The hours of operation could change.

Tuesday – Thursday: 11a – 3p

Friday: 11a – 5p

Saturday: 11a – 3p