June 16, 2024

Several San Antonio bars pay their respects for the 13 fallen soldiers in Afghanistan

These local San Antonio area bars paid a tribute with 13 beers for the 13 fallen U.S. armed forces in Afghanistan. Many bars, pubs and restaurants from all around the United States had started a movement in honor of the fallen soldiers. Here are a few that we spotted on social media.

Thirsty Horse paid a tribute with a reserved VIP table with 13 bottles of opened Lone Star.

























Brews Brothers over on the far West side of San Antonio paid tribute with a table in the front that has 13 Miller Lite’s with U.S. flags and a list of the names of the soldiers.

















Box 903 paid their respect with a U.S. star balloon on a table reserved for the 13 fallen with a pint of draft beer for each.


























Beer Goggles in Live Oak had poured a round of pints “for the 13 heroes who will not be returning home.” There was a note on the table that thanked the service members for their service and ultimate sacrifice and they’ll never be forgotten.