July 23, 2024

School district making kids walk to school

Northside Independent School District has reached a decision to end bus routes for the Creekside neighborhood. One parent received a letter in the main from the school district for students to walk to school if they live 2 miles or less.

The district has deemed Westover Hills Boulevard a “safe road” for students to walk on. The road has a speed limit of 45 miles-per-hour and has no school zone signs as of yet. We went to the area and found that vehicle travel more than the posted speed limit. Also vehicles stop beyond the designated crosswalk, which will make it more of a challenge for students to make it to their destination.

Parents of Raba Elementary are concerned about kids walking the route along the busy road.

Tanya Day Draheim put her walk on Facebook Live and interviewed some people she encountered during the walk.

The walk took Draheim and her daughter about an hour from her home to the school. Draheim wants to bring awareness to other parents in the area about the district’s decision. She also created a petition in hopes the district will reconsider.

NISD says to call their transportation department at 210-397-0874 if parents have any questions or concerns.