April 18, 2024

A parked car at a drive-in movie theater.

Schertz theatre converts into pop up drive-in movie

EVO just introduced a drive-in experience that will be available beginning on Friday, March 27th. This helps keep the community entertained during a time where no social interaction should occur. There will be a free double-feature which you can use your car radio to hear the film. Be sure to start up your car after the film to recharge the battery.

The entertainment company can do this since they’re outside the city of San Antonio inside Schertz, which does not have a stay-home order.

With concerns with any interactions as far as getting concessions, they have figured it out. All transactions would be made on a custom mobile ordering system in the comfort of your own vehicle. However, people will not be able to sit outside their vehicle or in beds of trucks. Those who don’t comply will be asked to leave.

According to the website, someone will bring your order to the driver’s side of the door but asks people not to open their door until the person is 10-feet away. There is no obligation to order any food. Proceeds will go towards their staff during this difficult time.

If you need to use the restroom, EVO has set parameters in place. No more than 10 people can be in the restroom and if there a line, distance indicators keeps people 10-feet away from each other. The air dryers have been disabled and all the restrooms will have disposable hand towels to prevent the spread of germs.


EVO family, THANK YOU for your incredible support and response to #EVODriveIn! In response to your awesome suggestions…

Posted by EVO Entertainment Schertz on Monday, March 23, 2020