June 12, 2024

Sangria on the Burg Announces Closure with Heartfelt Farewell

In a shocking announcement that resonated deeply with the San Antonio community, Sangria on the Burg disclosed that it will be closing its doors on December 31st. The decision, fueled by the challenging blend of rising costs and declining sales, marks the end of a remarkable seven-year journey for the restaurant.

Sangria on the Burg quickly became a culinary gem in San Antonio, earning accolades such as Best New Restaurant and multiple nominations for Best Chef and Best Restaurant in the city. The restaurant’s influence extended far beyond local borders, gracing television screens in shows like Guy’s Grocery Games on the Food Network and Food Paradise on the Travel Channel.

Chef Ceasar Zepeda, the visionary behind Sangria on the Burg, expressed profound gratitude to the San Antonio community. In a heartfelt letter addressed to Sangria’s friends, fans, and family, Chef Zepeda acknowledged the unwavering support that had propelled the restaurant to culinary stardom. The letter is a poignant reflection on the numerous achievements, including victories in cooking competitions, taco championships, and appearances on local news networks.

As Sangria on the Burg approaches its final days, the community is invited to join in one last celebration. Chef Zepeda requested patrons to show support through visits or catering orders until the restaurant’s last day, creating an opportunity for the staff to share a final month together and garner financial backing during the holiday season.

In a powerful plea for continued support of local businesses, Chef Zepeda urged patrons to prioritize mom-and-pop establishments over national chains. The letter emphasized the intimate connection between local businesses and the community, highlighting the role they play in supporting schools, sponsoring sports teams, and fostering a sense of camaraderie.

The farewell letter concluded with expressions of gratitude to the dedicated staff, Chef Zepeda’s wife and family, and a promise of something special for those who have been part of the Sangria journey.

As San Antonio bids farewell to Sangria on the Burg, the echoes of seven years of culinary excellence, community engagement, and cherished memories linger in the hearts of those who have been touched by its flavorful legacy.

Sangria on the Burg is located at 5115 Fredericksburg Rd.

Dear Sangria friends, fans and family,It's with many emotions we announce the closing of Sangria on the Burg on…

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