July 12, 2024

San Antonio’s pro football team has a new name

San Antonio is home to the Spurs basketball, Rampage hockey, SA FC soccer, Missions baseball and now the Commanders Alliance of American Football. Our city joins seven other cities in the competitive contact sport.

We’ve always been Military City U.S.A. and now we have a football team that bears the name of authority. The Alamodome will be the new team’s home. The Commander’s season starts February 9, 2019 with several games to be broadcasted on CBS, the AAF’s television partner.

For over 300 years, San Antonio has had a constant military presence with one of the nation’s largest active and retired military populations in the United States. The San Antonio Commanders honor the heroic leaders in the United States Air Force and United States Army who have dedicated their lives to service and sacrifice for this great country. The team colors feature maroon, a color used in the official city logo, silver, in reference to dress military swords carried by officers, and the familiar red of the Texas state flag. The shape of the logo is representative of a military patch and includes a depiction of the Alamo, a profound symbol for the city of San Antonio. The single star is a nod to the Lone Star state. The Commanders will make Military City, USA proud through teamwork, resolve, innovation, sacrifice and results.


Learn more about our new pro-football team on their website.