June 12, 2024

San Antonio’s Next-Gen Semi-Truck Parking Solution: Riggy’s Sets the Standard

The landscape of truck parking and storage solutions in the United States is poised for a transformation, thanks to Riggy’s, a nationwide provider of truck parking, trailer drops, and outdoor storage solutions for the logistics industry. With a mission to make truck parking clean, secure, and easily accessible, Riggy’s is on a quest to set a new standard for the industry.

Riggy’s brand new San Antonio location, “Riggy’s West 10,” is set to open in Winter 2023 at 6600 Lancer Rd., San Antonio, TX, situated at North Foster Ridge off of I-10. This members-only rest area, spanning a vast area of 210 bays, is exclusively designed for semi-trucks and is not open to the public or four-wheelers. It’s a sanctuary for truckers and carriers within the transportation industry, ensuring their trucks, trailers, and containers have a secure and well-maintained place to park and store.

A Revolution in Truck Parking

One of the distinguishing features of Riggy’s is their commitment to changing the status quo in the world of truck parking. At Riggy’s, each location is fully fenced, well-lit, has 24/7 controlled gate access, and is equipped with security cameras throughout. For larger facilities or those in particular areas, an on-site guard may be stationed to enhance security.

At Riggy’s, every tenant is assigned a designated and numbered parking spot, eliminating the chaos of first-come, first-serve parking. No more worries about someone occupying your spot upon returning from a haul.

Riggy’s extends its services to various commercial vehicles, including trailers, bobtails, containers, dump trucks, box vans, and more. As a company founded by individuals with a deep understanding of the trucking industry, Riggy’s addresses the significant variability in truck parking standards across the nation. From security fencing with no lighting to unregulated free-for-all parking, the current landscape leaves much to be desired.

A Safer and More Convenient Experience

Riggy’s takes a technological approach to enhance security and convenience for truckers. They utilize a custom truck parking app that links to your phone number, ensuring that only those with reservations can access the premises. No more concerns about unauthorized gate access, as seen in traditional lots.

Riggy’s is determined to set a new standard with its flagship location. It features essential amenities, including 50,000 lumen LED lights for comprehensive illumination, wide drive aisles for easy entry and exit, demarcated and numbered bays, 8-foot razor-wire fencing, 24-hour video surveillance, and private gate access through a mobile app.

Furthermore, Riggy’s offers flexible contract agreements suitable for truckers of all sizes, from large carriers to mid-size companies and individual owner-operators. Whether you need hourly, nightly, monthly, or yearly parking, Riggy’s provides you the flexibility to park on your terms.

Beyond the Standard

Riggy’s is not just about meeting standards but exceeding them. Their newest locations will go above and beyond, offering private showers, restrooms, free laundry facilities, break rooms, and Wi-Fi. The Riggy’s West 10 location, for instance, will feature a comfortable trucker’s lounge, complete with 65″ TVs, where drivers can unwind, socialize, and even host barbecues.

Riggy’s is on a mission to redefine the truck parking experience, creating a safer, more convenient, and comfortable environment for truckers and carriers nationwide. As they expand, their commitment to setting a new industry standard remains at the core of their mission, promising a brighter future for the trucking and logistics community.