May 23, 2024

San Antonio’s Newest Hotspot, Recess Amusement Bar, Set to Bring Playful Vibes to Stone Oak

San Antonio, TX – Excitement is brewing in the Stone Oak area as the dynamic team of entrepreneurs, including Joesph Tittle, Adrian Martinez, Noe Ayala, and Charles Valdez, proudly announces the grand opening of their latest venture, Recess Amusement Bar. Set to make its mark on December 9th, Recess promises a unique and vibrant experience that combines American bar food, creative cocktails, and an engaging outdoor atmosphere.

The heart of Recess lies in its commitment to providing patrons with an unforgettable recess experience. Located in the greater Stone Oak area, the establishment boasts a lively outdoor space featuring a large slide, seesaws, and various outdoor games that set the stage for an energetic and entertaining ambiance. Adding to the excitement, a Jumbotron screen will be strategically placed for sports enthusiasts to catch their favorite games in style.

For those seeking indoor amusement, Recess offers a sprawling two-story space with an array of attractions. The first floor is dedicated to arcade gaming and other indoor game areas, creating an immersive environment for enthusiasts of all ages. Transitioning into the night, an animated nightlife scene awaits, complete with a speakeasy bar on the second floor known as Detention – a nod to the schoolyard theme.

“The goal for our customers is when you’re at recess, everyone is a kid!” This sentiment underscores the essence of Recess Amusement Bar, where guests are invited to embrace a playful spirit and relive the carefree days of childhood.

The grand opening on December 9th promises an array of surprises and delights for attendees. Recess is poised to become a go-to destination for those seeking a perfect blend of entertainment, delectable offerings, and a lively social scene. Stay tuned for more details as the opening day approaches, and get ready to rediscover the joy of recess at Recess Amusement Bar located at 18745 Redland Road.

They will be providing updates and additional information soon. Get ready, San Antonio, because on December 9th, recess is officially in session!