April 18, 2024

San Antonio Zoo teams up with local brewery to release Conserveza beer

Freetail Brewing Company has just teamed up with the San Antonio Zoo to release a new beer called Conserveza American Blonde Ale which features Monarch butterflies on the can. The new brew is made right here in San Antonio and helps benefit the zoo’s conservation efforts with proceeds going back to help raise awareness for wildlife conservation.

The Conserveza beer will be sold at local H-E-B stores for a limited time only.

The SA Zoo has been working on protecting the Monarch species for quite some time said the San Antonio Zoo CEO Tim Morrow.

The funds will be used to net and tag the Monarch butterflies as they make their migration to Mexico. The SA Zoo also works with researchers at Kansas State to help track migration patterns.

The San Antonio Zoo is home to several species of Monarch butterflies and needs funds to help create butterfly mash which has beer as an ingredient. The mash helps the butterflies keep their energy up especially on migration trips.