June 12, 2024

San Antonio Voted as One of Travel + Leisure Readers’ Favorite Cities in the United States of 2023

According to the Travel + Leisure Readers’ Favorite Cities in the United States of 2023, San Antonio is ranked number 10 with a reader’s score of 82.57. San Antonio’s vibrant and picturesque architecture reflects its rich history, while its contemporary hotels and restaurants represent its forward-looking approach. The city offers a variety of attractions for history enthusiasts, food lovers, and families alike. A perfect day in San Antonio might involve taking a leisurely stroll along the Museum Reach, a 3.5-mile-long park along the San Antonio River, which features walking paths and captivating public art installations.

The ranking was determined based on several factors that were taken into consideration by the readers. These factors include:

1. Sights/Landmarks: San Antonio’s unique and notable landmarks contribute to its appeal as a favorite city. The city is home to iconic sites such as the Alamo, a historic Spanish mission, and the beautiful San Antonio River Walk.

2. Culture: San Antonio boasts a rich cultural heritage with influences from Native American, Spanish, and Mexican traditions. The city embraces its diverse cultural roots through festivals, museums, and cultural events.

3. Food: San Antonio’s culinary scene offers a tantalizing array of flavors, blending traditional Tex-Mex cuisine with modern culinary trends. Visitors can savor delicious dishes such as tacos, enchiladas, and mouthwatering barbecue.

4. Friendliness: The friendliness of the locals plays a significant role in making a city appealing to visitors. San Antonio is known for its warm hospitality and welcoming atmosphere, ensuring that visitors feel right at home.

5. Shopping: San Antonio offers a range of shopping experiences, from upscale boutiques to vibrant markets. Visitors can explore various shopping districts and discover unique souvenirs, local crafts, and designer goods.

Taking all these factors into account, San Antonio has earned its place as one of the favorite cities in the United States according to the Travel + Leisure Readers’ survey of 2023.