February 26, 2024

San Antonio Spurs new facility at La Cantera now has a name

On Thursday, November 18, 2021, the Spurs Sports and Entertainment (SS&E) had unveiled the name of their new $500 million legacy project at La Cantera. “The Rock at La Cantera” will be a 22-acre park on 45 acres of land that will feature a human performance research center, a state-of-the-art Spurs performance center, a public outdoor event plaza, a space for medical, hospitality and offices.

This construction marks phase 1 of the Spurs performance center along with the outdoor event center that will be open to the public. This will soon be home to San Antonio’s largest dog park at 22 acres. Supreme access to San Antonio’s trailheads that connect paths throughout the city of biking, jogging and walking. Yes, Manu Ginobili sure is proud of these trailheads.

Let’s talk about this event plaza that they’re bringing to the forefront. We learned that it will be utilized for a variety of wide ranged programming. So we see lots of civic events in the future at this facility.

“As a global center of discovery focused on the advancement of human performance, The Rock at La Cantera will have a transformative impact on the communities we serve,” said RC Buford, CEO for SS&E. “Our ambitious concept creates an environment that fosters new conversations and capitalizes on resources in our region to drive human performance. It will present global thought leaders with the opportunity to calibrate their craft in a way that can help scale the learnings they’re delivering on to the community at large.”

“This project is much bigger than basketball and we’re excited to see it come to life,” said Peter J. Holt, Managing Partner for SS&E. “It promises future economic growth and development for our city and provides a thriving community space for the residents of San Antonio, while allowing our regional thought leaders to engage in new conversations and opportunities.”

There’s a story behind the name.

The campus name comes from a quote by famed social reformer Jacob Riis equating work ethic to “hammering away at [a] rock.” Now the pounding the rock concept reminds the Spurs of their long time successes in San Antonio and their commitment.

With plenty of work ahead, Hospitality Alliance has been selected to design and operate a freestanding restaurant at the facility that will be open to the public as well as developing year-round programming of events for the area.

The namesake now represents a strong and steady foundation of the Spurs that The Rock at La Cantera will bring both to the community and San Antonio.

The property is situated on USAA Real Estate’s 1,200 acre master planned community center in the Northwestern part of San Antonio. Envisioned with its retail, dining and park along with residences make it more of an urban feel than a suburban, which is highly in demand in our beautiful city we call San Antonio.


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