June 23, 2024

San Antonio River Walk Prepares for Maintenance: Sections to be Drained for Vital Cleanup

San Antonio, TX – In a collaborative effort between the City of San Antonio’s Center City Development and Operations Department, Public Works Department, and the San Antonio River Authority, sections of the iconic San Antonio River will undergo a thorough cleaning as part of the River Walk Maintenance Program. The maintenance is scheduled to take place from Friday, January 12, 2024, through Sunday, January 21, 2024.

The vital maintenance initiative aims to ensure the cleanliness and vibrancy of the San Antonio River, a cherished attraction for both residents and visitors. The routine program involves draining specific sections of the river to facilitate comprehensive cleaning and inspection.

As part of this year’s maintenance, the San Antonio River Main Channel will be fully drained from Josephine Street to E. Nueva Street and from S. Alamo Street to Lone Star Blvd. However, the more populated River Loop and extension will remain filled and operational, as indicated on the provided map. Businesses and barges along the River Loop will continue operations without disruption, and there are no planned road closures associated with the maintenance.

The maintenance crews will focus on removing sediment build-up and debris, conducting thorough inspections of the channel’s integrity, and making any necessary repairs. This proactive approach to maintenance ensures the longevity and attractiveness of the San Antonio River Walk.

The last time the river underwent a similar maintenance process was in January 2022, which included draining the River Loop segment. The success of that initiative, coupled with the cooperation of businesses and the public, has led to the decision to continue this essential maintenance practice.

Residents and visitors are encouraged to be aware of the affected areas during the maintenance period and appreciate the efforts taken to preserve the beauty of the San Antonio River Walk. The City of San Antonio remains committed to maintaining this iconic landmark, and the temporary inconvenience is a small price to pay for the long-term benefit of a clean and vibrant river experience.