February 26, 2024

San Antonio Police Department issuing vouchers not tickets for busted tail lights

San Antonio is part of a nationwide program involving 141 other law enforcement agencies with a new program called “Lights On”. The “Lights On” initiative will allow police officers who pull over a driver because their tail light is out. Instead of issuing a citation to the driver, they will be given a voucher.

The voucher will help cover the cost of replacement light bulb or fix any issues with the tail light.

Last year in 2022, San Antonio Police Chief William McManus stated that over 200 tickets were issued for defective tail lights. He believes that this program will help assist those drivers who are struggling through hardships, to get their vehicle fixed.

The program is entirely funded by a non-profit organization called MicroGrants, which is the parent company of the “Lights On” project. Those who get a voucher from a police officer can get their vehicle fixed or bulb replaced up to $250 at participating auto shops.

A start date of this project has not been given by the Chief, but says participating shops will be selected by March.

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