June 16, 2024

San Antonio Opens All 24 Outdoor Pools for Summer Season

San Antonio, TX — Get ready to dive into summer! San Antonio is set to open all 24 of its outdoor pools this weekend, kicking off the season with a splash. Starting Saturday, June 15, residents and visitors can enjoy extended hours and more opportunities to beat the Texas heat.

Extended Hours and Early Swim Times

In response to community demand, pool hours will be extended by one hour each day. Additionally, select pool locations will offer earlier swim times, providing more flexibility for families and individuals with varying schedules.

Six Days a Week Access

All 24 outdoor pools will be open six days a week, including weekends. Each pool has a designated closure day, varying by location, to ensure maintenance and upkeep. Despite these closures, the extended operating days guarantee ample time for everyone to enjoy the facilities.

Free Admission

One of the highlights of San Antonio’s pool program is that all outdoor pools are free and open to the public. This initiative aims to provide accessible recreational opportunities for all community members, promoting health, wellness, and community engagement.

Pool Locations, Hours, and Closed Days

Here is a comprehensive list of pool locations, their operating hours, and their specific closure days:

– Cassiano Pool: 1-8 p.m. (Closed Wednesdays) – 1440 S. Zarzamora
– Concepcion Pool: 1-8 p.m. (Closed Thursdays) – 600 E. Theo
– Cuellar Pool: 10 a.m. – 5 p.m. (Closed Wednesdays) – 502 S.W. 36th St.
– Dellview Pool: 1-8 p.m. (Closed Wednesdays) – 500 Basswood
– Elmendorf Pool: 1-8 p.m. (Closed Mondays) – 235 Shore Dr.
– Fairchild Pool: 1-8 p.m. (Closed Wednesdays) – 1214 E Crockett
– Garza Pool: 1-8 p.m. (Closed Thursdays) – 5800 Hemphill
– Heritage Pool: 1-8 p.m. (Closed Wednesdays) – 1423 S Ellison Dr.
– Kennedy Pool: 1-8 p.m. (Closed Tuesdays) – 3299 S.W. 28th St.
– Kingsborough Pool: 1-8 p.m. (Closed Mondays) – 350 Felps St.
– Lady Bird Johnson Pool: 10 a.m. – 5 p.m. (Closed Tuesdays) – 10700 Nacogdoches Rd.
– Lincoln Pool: 1-8 p.m. (Closed Mondays) – 2803 E. Commerce
– Monterrey Pool: 1-8 p.m. (Closed Tuesdays) – 5919 W. Commerce
– New Territories Pool: 1-8 p.m. (Closed Thursdays) – 9023 Bowen
– Normoyle Pool: 10 a.m. – 5 p.m. (Closed Thursdays) – 700 Culberson
– Roosevelt Pool: 1-8 p.m. (Closed Thursdays) – 330 Roosevelt
– San Pedro Springs Pool: 1-8 p.m. (Closed Tuesdays) – 2200 N. Flores
– Southcross Pool: 1-8 p.m. (Closed Mondays) – 803 W. Southcross
– Southside Lions Pool: 1-8 p.m. (Closed Wednesdays) – 3100 Hiawatha
– Spring Time Pool: 1-8 p.m. (Closed Thursdays) – 6571 Spring Time
– Sunset Hills Pool: 10 a.m. – 5 p.m. (Closed Mondays) – 103 Chesswood
– Ward Pool: 1-8 p.m. (Closed Tuesdays) – 435 E. Sunshine
– Westwood Pool: 1-8 p.m. (Closed Tuesdays) – 7627 W. Military
– Woodlawn Lake Pool: 1-8 p.m. (Closed Mondays) – 221 Alexander Ave.
– Lap Swim: 7:30-9:30 a.m.

Safety and Guidelines

Safety is a priority at all pool locations. Appropriate swimwear is required for all visitors, and children under 10 must be accompanied by an adult. Lifeguards will be on duty during all operating hours to ensure a safe environment for swimmers of all ages.

Community Impact

The opening of all 24 outdoor pools is a significant step in promoting community well-being and providing a space for recreational activities. The free admission policy ensures that everyone, regardless of economic status, can enjoy the benefits of these public amenities.

So, grab your swimsuits, sunscreen, and towels, and head to your nearest pool to cool off and have some fun this summer! Follow San Antonio Parks and Recreation on social media for updates and more information.

For a detailed schedule and more information, visit the San Antonio Parks and Recreation website.

San Antonio Parks and Recreation Department
Phone: (210) 207-3000
Website: San Antonio Parks and Recreation