July 12, 2024

San Antonio makes a deal with Clear Channel regarding outdoor billboards

On February 14, 2019, the San Antonio City Council along with the support of Mayor Ron Nierenberg struck a deal regarding many of the Clear Channel outdoor advertisements around town.

The deal reached will require the company to take down a quarter of the billboards in the San Antonio metro area with an exchange to build one new digital display one to 11 of their standard billboard.

Clear Channel has agreed to take down 11 large signs along with 49 mid-sized and 265 smaller billboards in the city that is a total of 511 removed signs. CC would have 18 months to remove the signs and to use their own money to dismantle them. This window will give the CoSA some time to do some environmental studies and let the public speak with input in regards to the new LED displays to be constructed via the SA Speak Up portal.

Mayor Ron Nirenberg said at the press conference: “We’re excited to see some clutter removed from our scenery and our skyline over the next couple of months.

10-years ago the CoSA had agreed to let Clear Channel take down 83 standard billboards around the city in exchange for 12 new digital billboards. With that increase coming the current ordinance will have to be updated.