June 12, 2024

San Antonio Cowboy Breakfast organizers warn that event may not happen

It’s been an annual San Antonio tradition. Thousands upon thousands of people flock over to the parking lot of Cowboys Dancehall in the early hours of the morning to grab a free breakfast before the start of the San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo. Visitors got their hands on a variety of different breakfast tacos, milk, juice and coffee while enjoying live entertainment at the Cowboy Breakfast.

Organizers told News 4 San Antonio television station that they haven’t been able to meet fundraising goals and that the plans for the event on January 27th may be cancelled altogether.

The blame comes on high prices of materials and logistics have gone up sky high making things unaffordable for them. It was 44-years ago that the annual event had came to fruition when trail riders came in to eat a hearty breakfast as they arrived to San Antonio for the rodeo. Later it evolved into a tradition for many years to come.

During the pandemic, organizers had switched to a private event for first responders but had plans to switch back to normal operations now that the COVID-19 has dwindled down.

The annual cowboy breakfast had helped contribute hundreds of thousands of dollars to the St. Phillips College tourism, hospitality and culinary arts scholarship program. For the past 20 years, over $250,000 have been donated to the scholarship fund.

The organizers hope that the community pulls through to help keep the tradition going by setting up a GoFundMe page set up by Susan Cochran, so people can directly contribute and keep things moving. Should things be cancelled, the funds will go to the scholarship fund for St. Philip’s College program.