April 18, 2024

River City Rockfest cancels 2019 show

The Spurs Sports and Entertainment just released a statement regarding the cancellation of the 2019 River City Rockfest that was set for September 21st and 22nd on the grounds of the AT&T Center.

The statement says “Due to the issues with availability of top-tier talent to complete the lineup of bands this year, Bud Light River City Rockfest will be postponed until September 2020 when it will return to the AT&T Center grounds.”

The annual event brings around 145,000 rock fans to the area.

“We’re proud of the River City Rockfest legacy and dedicated to continuing to deliver a great fan experience and exciting live music. Planning is underway so stay tuned on all of our channels as we get rolling on River City Rockfest 2020.” SS&E Senior Vice President Tammy Turner said in a statement.