April 14, 2024

Residents are in support to move official Christmas tree back to Alamo Plaza

Local San Antonian Steve Anthony Monreal had posted up a Facebook event inviting people to the Alamo to place a small Christmas trees where the 50 foot one once stood. The original tree had been relocated to Travis Park a year ago after the takedown of a confederate statue. For years many families gathered at Alamo to celebrate annual traditions. Monreal and other families would like the city to return the Christmas tree back to it’s original location.

Monreal’s mission is to keep the tradition going with a “mini Christmas tree protest”. His goal is to fill up Alamo Plaza with 300 or more small Christmas trees in celebration of the city’s tricentennial.

This year San Antonio’s grocery giant H-E-B donated a smaller 20 foot Christmas tree to be placed right in front of the Alamo. For many locals visiting the new tree say that it doesn’t feel like the same.

San Antonio’s official Christmas tree is located at Travis Park and a spokesperson for the city claimed that the park has more space to work with and provides additional parking for the holiday. The city stated that they will be keeping the 50 foot Christmas tree at Travis Park for future holidays to come.