June 16, 2024

Rackspace announces exit at their Windcrest headquarters

For many years, Rackspace has called the “Castle” at 1 Fanatical Place in the small city of Windcrest home for quite awhile. The 1.2 million square foot facility that once upon a time 14 years ago used to be Windsor Park Mall transformed into a tech giant’s corporate headquarters on the East side. Employees, which are called “Rackers” at the company were notified that they will be moving Friday (October 21, 2022).

Mayor of Windcrest, Dan Reese was informed by a spokesperson from Rackspace Technology that they will be vacating the building. A part of their decision to move was that there was a portion of the building not being utilized and they didn’t need all of the space. In fact, they’re not using much of the space that they currently have right now in the developed parts of the complex. A majority of the workers for the company are working from home. Reese had called this a big loss for their economy for Windcrest, a suburban town in Bexar County that has 5,854 residents.

Rackspace will be downsizing space over at their new headquarters located on the Northside off of 1604 and 281 North inside the RidgeWood Plaza II that they’ll be occupying 75,000 to 90,000 square feet in space. Officials within the company did research on which part of San Antonio to move due to where a majority of their Rackers lived.

It looks like Rackspace’s new corporate headquarters will offer ample parking, a walking trail with outdoor picnic and meeting spaces all nestled in a park like setting.

Soon Rackspace will be posting their Windcrest “Castle” up for sale. It could be a spot for another Amazon warehouse or perhaps attract another tech company that needs the space elsewhere in the country trying to move to Texas.

On another note, staying in San Antonio is another win for us because they could have easily decided to move to our growing neighbor up north, Austin.