June 12, 2024

Pearl parking will no longer be free in some areas

Bad news for people that frequent the Historic Pearl complex.

Plans to become a “pedestrian-focused” destination that will include more outdoor seating spaces and a tiered parking system that visitors would have to pay to park depending on which parking lot they decide to park at.

We looked into it and saw that the Kohler parking garage will remain free but with all other spaces that are now going to be paid spots, we won’t be surprised that the garage will fill up fast.

The Pearl has partnered up with LAZ Parking to help manage the parking lots with text-to-pay system. The Pearl has about 3,000 parking spaces under the 281 highway and about 65 by the Stable Lot off of Avenue B, which is charging already that began on November 16th with parking costs between $6 to $10.

It was explained that some of the parking lots will be eliminated. For example, the lot outside of Full Goods will be removed to make way for green space with a seating area similar to the area outside of the Bottling Department Food Hall. Work will begin in early 2021 and a completion date by the fall.

Also, the Pearl will add a pedestrian walkway that will connect Broadway to the Pearl complex that will also be built later on in the future.