April 14, 2024

Papa’s Burgers original location off Old Highway 90 to be relocated

The owner and founder of Papa’s Burgers Robert Walker shared in a Facebook Live video today saying they will be relocating the original Papa’s Burgers. Walker said that they have outgrew their property at 709 Enrique¬†Barrera¬†Pkwy. There’s still plenty of time to visit and order from the original location where everything was started.

He said they are not closing down but relocating down the road at the corner of Military and Highway 90 with a drive-thru in a finalized deal.

Walker said that their original location will still be in operation for a few more months. Papa’s Burgers has another location at 6900 San Pedro.

Papa’s Burgers was nationally ranked as the fourth-best burger joint in the United States by Money Magazine online with the help from Yelp!