April 14, 2024

New theatre complex to open on far west side

San Marcos based EVO Entertainment Group has plans to open up a second theatre in the San Antonio area. The  80,000 square foot entertainment facility located on the west side at 151 and Military Drive will include 10 dine-in auditoriums, a ropes course, a virtual reality attraction, a restaurant, a private bar, private space for events and an outdoor patio with fire pits, televisions for sports and games.

There will be 10 auditoriums in which two of them will be dedicated for EVX Enhanced Viewing Experience, it’s version of IMAX with an 80-foot curved screen and Dolby Atmos sound.

Each theatre will feature luxury power recliners, call buttons for wait staff, and 4K laser projectors for crisp clear movies.

Construction has already begun and has plans to open up January 2021.

The first EVO in the area is in Schertz, a 73,000 square foot entertainment facility with auditoriums, bowling, games, and much more.