April 12, 2024

New Braunfels City Council Expands Resident Access to Guadalupe River Parks

In a move aimed at enhancing resident access to popular parks along the Guadalupe River, the New Braunfels City Council has approved measures to provide greater parking availability according to a press release.

During their meeting on March 18, 2024, the City Council finalized two revised ordinances designed to address parking concerns at River Acres Park and Cypress Bend Park.

River Acres Park

At River Acres Park, located along the picturesque Guadalupe River, the City Council approved a revised ordinance introducing paid parking for non-residents. Effective between May 1st and Labor Day each year, non-residents will be charged $20 for parking on weekends and holidays. This initiative aims to allocate more parking spaces for New Braunfels residents, ensuring they have increased access to the park’s amenities.

The generated parking fees will be allocated to the River Activities Fund, which supports various river-related expenses such as law enforcement, infrastructure maintenance, and cleanup efforts. To facilitate the paid parking system, the City will implement ParkMobile, a convenient payment platform.

Furthermore, more than a dozen parallel parking spaces will be designated along Fair Lane at River Acres Park, with a dedicated zone reserved for emergency response vehicles. Notably, parking will be prohibited on the residential side of Fair Lane.

Cypress Bend Park

In addition to the measures at River Acres Park, modifications to the existing shuttle zone at Cypress Bend Park were approved by the City Council. These modifications will result in an additional 25 public parking spaces, addressing the growing demand for parking in the area. A portion of the existing shuttle zone will be restriped to accommodate public parking while retaining a designated shuttle loading and unloading area. The existing 10-minute loading and unloading zone for the public will remain unaffected.

Resident River Parking Passes

Residents of New Braunfels can enjoy enhanced parking privileges through the Resident River Parking Pass program. With this pass, residents can park for free at several City parks, including River Acres Park, Elizabeth Avenue, Hinman Island Drive, and designated sections of East San Antonio Street and Mill Street. However, it’s essential to note that all vehicles parking at Prince Solms Park must pay parking fees, irrespective of residency.

The Resident River Parking Pass is available free of charge at the Parks Administration Office and Das Rec. To obtain the pass, residents must present proof of residency, such as a driver’s license or photo ID with a current NBU bill, along with proof of auto insurance. Each vehicle listed on the resident’s auto insurance will receive a sticker valid for three years.

These measures represent the City Council’s commitment to ensuring equitable access to the Guadalupe River parks for all residents of New Braunfels.