June 12, 2024

New Braunfels Baker Ashley Landerman Wins Coveted Title and $25,000 on Holiday Baking Champion

New Braunfels, TX – In a sweet victory for New Braunfels, Ashley Landerman, the proud owner of 2tarts Bakery located at 139 N Castell Ave #300, achieved a remarkable feat by securing the title of Holiday Baking Champion and a grand prize of $25,000. Landerman showcased her exceptional baking skills and creativity in a fierce competition against eleven other talented bakers from across the United States.

The intense eight-episode showdown tested Landerman’s culinary prowess as she navigated through challenging tasks, ultimately earning her the prestigious title. Overwhelmed with joy, Landerman took to the bakery’s Facebook page to share her triumphant moment, stating, “THE moment! To bring home the title of Holiday Baking Champion is such an honor!! This competition challenged me in so many ways, and the love I received from my community has been so touching.”

Expressing gratitude to her sister and the dedicated bakery team for their support during her baking journey, Landerman continued, “Shout out to my incredible sister and team at the bakery for holding it down so I can galavant around the world baking my heart out! And of course, my soulmate Pete for being my biggest cheerleader! WHAT IS THIS LIFE?!?”

For Landerman, this victory extends beyond the competition, representing years of dedication to 2tarts Bakery and the local community. “It is the honor of a lifetime to bring home the win! I’ve been pouring my heart, sweat, and tears into 2tarts Bakery and our wonderful community for over 14 years. To win on the national stage now, it just means the world!” she exclaimed.

Ashley Landerman’s achievement not only crowns her as a baking champion but also shines a spotlight on New Braunfels as a hub of culinary excellence. Congratulations to Ashley Landerman on this well-deserved triumph!