June 12, 2024

NatureSweet’s Future Secure in San Antonio as Blue Road Capital Takes the Helm

SAN ANTONIO, TXโ€”In a momentous development for San Antonio’s business landscape, Silver Ventures has announced the sale of NatureSweetยฎ, a trailblazing agricultural company headquartered in the heart of San Antonio, to Blue Road Capital. This acquisition not only signifies NatureSweet’s continued commitment to the city but also heralds a new era of growth and innovation for the company.

NatureSweet, a company deeply rooted in San Antonio since its inception in 1990 under Silver Ventures, has consistently been at the forefront of revolutionizing the fresh produce industry. Specializing in branded snacking tomatoes, NatureSweet has risen to become the #1 selling brand in North America and has expanded its influence in greenhouse-grown peppers and cucumbers. The company has made its mark not only through its produce but also through its unwavering commitment to raising the bar in agricultural practices, culminating in becoming the world’s largest Controlled Environment Agricultural company. Furthermore, NatureSweet’s dedication to ethical and sustainable practices is exemplified by its prestigious certifications, including Fair Trade Certification, Equitable Food Initiative (EFI) Certification, and B Corp Certification.

Importantly, despite the change in ownership, NatureSweet has reaffirmed its allegiance to San Antonio. The company, deeply ingrained in the community and committed to the city’s growth, will continue to call San Antonio its home.

Kit Goldsbury, Chairman of Silver Ventures, expressed his gratitude for the city’s support and the company’s connection to the local community, stating, “NatureSweet was born in San Antonio, and we are proud to have been a part of this city’s vibrant business ecosystem. Our commitment to the people of San Antonio remains unwavering.”

Blue Road Capital’s acquisition of NatureSweet represents not just a change in ownership but also a strategic move to accelerate the company’s growth and innovation. Blue Road Capital’s focus on vertical integration, innovation, and expansion into new distribution channels aligns seamlessly with NatureSweet’s vision for the future.

Bryant Ambelang, CEO of Silver Ventures and former Executive Chairman of NatureSweet, emphasized the importance of this acquisition for the company’s future. “We are confident in Blue Road’s ability to lead NatureSweet into a promising future. They share our values and understand the significance of this company to both its employees and the San Antonio community. NatureSweet’s headquarters will remain firmly rooted in San Antonio, and we are excited to witness the next chapter of growth for this remarkable company.”

The acquisition by Blue Road Capital not only ensures NatureSweet’s continued presence in San Antonio but also positions the company for further expansion, innovation, and leadership within the fresh produce industry. This collaboration promises a bright future for NatureSweet and reaffirms San Antonio’s role as a hub of agricultural excellence.