February 26, 2024

Mr. Juicy facing a ‘cease and desist’ from another local restaurant in beefy legal battle

The owner of Mr. Juicy, Andrew Weissman who owns two Mr. Juicy burger joints at McCullough and Hildebrand had posted to social media that he got a demand letter to cease and desist from using the name “Mr. Juicy” at any of his restaurants.

“Longhorn hereby demands that you immediately cease and desist any use of the name “Mr. Juicy” in connection with your restaurants on McCullough and Hildebrand or any other restaurant. This includes without limitation use on your signage and in any other advertising and marketing you use for your restaurants.” the letter started off.

“Further, Longhorn demands that you take all steps necessary to remove the “Mr. Juicy” name from all internet listings such as Yelp, Bing, Tripadvisor, zmenu, Uber Eats, as well as social media, such as Facebook and Instagram where it is currently listed.”

“It is my client’s desire to resolve this matter amicably without the need for litigation. If you agree to take the steps demanded and then carry out your commitments, then I expect Longhorn will be willing to work with you in every reasonable fashion to bring this matter to a close. If you do not agree and refuse to cease and desist from the use of “Mr. Juicy,” be advised that my client is prepared to pursue all legal remedies available.”

“Please give this matter your prompt and serious attention and notify me in writing within ten (10) days if the date of this letter regarding whether you agree to act in compliance with this letter, and I look forward to your reply.”

The name appears to be trademarked from another local establishment, Longhorn Cafe. Longhorn Cafe had a trademark of “home of the Original Big Juicy.” As for “Mr. Juicy”, it contains the word ‘Juicy’ in its company name.


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