May 23, 2024

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Milam Park’s Christmas Tree Struggles for the 3rd Consecutive Year

In a disheartening turn of events, Milam Park’s Christmas tree finds itself encased in a fenced cage for the third consecutive year, casting a shadow on the festive spirit in the heart of San Antonio. The tree, a symbol of holiday joy, stands half-lit due to broken light strands, and its continuous illumination 24/7 further adds to the challenges, as it was not set on a timer.

Observant visitors to Milam Park have noted that the gazebo, traditionally adorned with holiday lights for decades, remains devoid of any festive illumination. The Christmas tree, erected the weekend of Thanksgiving, is now surrounded by packing boxes that have lingered throughout the entire month.

Members of the community, particularly the Friends of Milam Park, express their concern and disappointment over the recurring issues with the Christmas decorations. Despite efforts to address the matter, including reaching out to Mayor Ron Nirenberg, the San Antonio Parks Foundation, Centro San Antonio, and others, the situation persists.

The Friends of Milam Park, who have passionately contributed to the beautification of the West end of Downtown and the park in front of the Children’s Hospital for a decade, are urging city officials to rectify the situation. The Christmas tree, being a focal point for families and visitors, holds sentimental value and contributes significantly to the festive ambiance in the area.

The plea to Mayor Ron Nirenberg, San Antonio Parks Foundation, Centro San Antonio, and other relevant authorities is a call for immediate action to restore the holiday cheer at Milam Park. The community hopes that the longstanding tradition of a beautifully adorned Christmas tree and gazebo will be upheld, bringing joy to all who visit this cherished location in the heart of San Antonio.

Sadly, for the 3rd year in a row… the Christmas tree at Milam Park is surrounded by a fenced cage and is half lit for…

Posted by Friends of Milam Park on Wednesday, December 20, 2023