June 23, 2024

Midtown and some parts of downtown streets turn into playground for Siclovia 2023

Everyone that attended the 21st Siclovia had a ton of fun on Sunday, May 7th! While the weather wasn’t great and roads were wet, it still didn’t stop many San Antonians from getting out and getting some exercise. The journey occurred midtown San Antonio starting over at Madison Square Park at North Main Ave.

All roads were shut down winding its way through midtown at Lexington Avenue to Augusta Street then Brooklyn Avenue to North Alamo Street and Jones Avenue. There were police officers at the intersections where traffic and those enjoying Siclovia met directing traffic ensuring everyone’s safety.

The streets were open to those operating bikes, walkers, joggers, and everyone with non-motorized vehicles of all kinds of ages from young to older. All in all, people were just out and about having a good time.

The event was free and open to the public. There were stations along the route that you can stop at and enjoy music, different activities and even food trucks to enjoy.

The City of San Antonio and YMCA of Greater San Antonio had put on this amazing event.