April 14, 2024

Meet the man who started the annual MLK march in San Antonio

The first March of Justice was first organized by the late¬†Rev. Dr. Raymond “R.A.” Callies, Sr. who was a San Antonio pastor and a teacher.¬†Callies started the march in 1968 to bring the attention to call for basic infrastructure to the Eastside of San Antonio. Callies had worked tirelessly to build a statue in memory of Dr. King after his death that was erected at MLK Plaza in the heart of the East side off New Braunfels Street.¬†His efforts had resulted in growth to become one of the largest marches in the United States.¬†

Today, people from all walks of life march in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s dream of Justice, Peace and Equality to all in the United States of America. In 2018, an estimate of 300,000 marchers that make the 2.75 mile trek from the Martin Luther King Academy to Pittman Sullivan Park on the city’s East side.

Now, the MLK Commission powered by the City of San Antonio keeps Dr. King and Rev. Callies legacy going year-after-year.

Will you be participating on marching this year?