February 23, 2024

Lucky the Asian elephant has passed away at the San Antonio Zoo

Very sad news coming from the San Antonio Zoo. We’re heartbroken to report that 62-year-old Lucky, the Asian elephant has passed away last night on November 2, 2022.

The zoo said that Lucky had came to the San Antonio Zoo in 1962 and for many generations she was loved and appreciated. Lucky had outlived the average lifespan of her species which is 47.5 years of age according to the Association of Zoos and Aquariums. Lucky had been one of the oldest Asian elephants in the country.

Lucky will be surely missed by all, including her caretakers and visitors to the zoo. Lucky was well known for her sweet affection and warm personality.

The zoo is in talks of relocating Nicole to be re-homed with the other elephants. The zoo had said once this move happens, the current elephant habitat, Bahati Waters, will be transformed into an expansion of The Savannah for giraffes, zebra, ostrich and other African species.

The elephants will return to the San Antonio Zoo later in the future as a part of their planned world-class elephant habitat.




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