April 12, 2024

Lonnie Walker helped clean up city after devistating chaos following the protest

San Antonio came out in droves Saturday to protest the death of George Floyd, the Black man a white Minnesota, MN police officer killed. People around the nation also participated in protests that ended with a similar ending.

The San Antonio’s peaceful protest took a dark turn as originators started leaving then came the anarchists who were mixed within the peaceful protesters causing destruction and vandalism downtown San Antonio.

Spurs Lonnie Walker IV was among many San Antonians to help clean up downtown after the relentless rage that left many businesses with shattered windows, broken glass on the streets and buildings defaced.

Walker had delivered bottles of water, food, snapped some photos with fans, prayed with police officers and even helped power wash graffiti off of buildings.

“Walking in downtown San Antonio, you know I got a lot of love for you,” Walker said.