April 14, 2024

Local woman starts up “Hoodrat Snacks” shipping business

If you’re craving a San Antonio type of snack whether it be Big Red, Hot Cheetos and nacho cheese or the “Ultimate Michelada Kit” (beer not included), Hoodrat Snacks will be able to ship to you anywhere in the United States. According to the website, the company will ship within three days of payment.

The idea came from the founder of the business, Jackie Earhart who had moved to Boston for college. Earhart had lived up in the Northeast for about 12 years attending college before moving back to San Antonio. She had no luck on finding Texas type of snacks where she was and had to rely on family members to send her San Antonio care packages filled with snacks that San Antonians alike crave.

Now you can enjoy the snacks that you enjoyed back home in San Anto with one of three subscription plans that include sweet, sour and spicy treats for your snacking enjoyment.

Mild for $25 a month which recurs for three months of snacking

Medium for $22 a month recurring for 6 months

Hot & Spicy for $18 a month recurs for one whole year of snacking

While each plan doesn’t state what type of snacks you’ll be getting, we’re sure that you won’t be disappointed.