April 12, 2024

Local pizza establishment celebrates world championship win

Mia Marco’s Pizza (15939 IH-35, Selma, TX 78154) is celebrating the win for the world title of “Best Roman Pizza” category at the 2019 International Pizza Expo in Las Vegas. The establishment was competing against other pizza businesses.  Mia Marco’s Pizza came in second place for “Pizza Maker of the Year”.

If you’re unsure what Roman pizza is, it is dough tends to have a thin to medium thin crust made with olive oil, flour, water, yeast, salt, and occasionally a touch of sugar. The addition of oil is the main distinction from Neapolitan dough and it gives the crust more weight, flavor, and a crispy crunch.

Since the win, the local pizzeria joint is taking in orders left and right.

World Champs! Our pizzas are made from the heart and our quest is to be so good it touches your soul! We are blessed to…

Posted by Mia Marco's Pizza on Saturday, March 9, 2019