February 23, 2024

La Gloria & El Machito Join Forces at Brooks

Renowned Chef Johnny Hernandez spices up La Gloria’s Brooks location at 7622 Kennedy Hill Dr, San Antonio, TX 78235 by merging beloved El Machito’s grilled masterpieces into the menu. The collaboration introduces mesquite fire-grilled meats from El Machito’s legacy.

Originating as “The Little Macho Dude,” El Machito delighted Quarry-goers from 2015 to 2017. Chef Johnny, known for his innovative culinary ventures, has brought El Machito’s signature grilled dishes back to life at La Gloria Brooks.

🥩 Sizzling Meats
Witness the spectacle as Chef Johnny fires up the grill with a variety of meats, including beef, poultry, seafood, heritage pork, chorizo, and more. The menu showcases the grilling traditions of Northern Mexico and Jalisco-style delights.

💬 Chef Johnny’s Insight
Chef Johnny shares his enthusiasm, “La Gloria at Brooks, with its Machito menu, is the only place you’re going to find house-grilled cabrito, Mexican-styled grilled ribs, and authentic pollo asado made over a hot mesquite fire, not charcoal.”

🌮 Perfect Pairing
La Gloria’s existing favorites blend seamlessly with El Machito’s legacy. From enchiladas and Gulf fish to tacos, the menu promises a delightful fusion of flavors.

🍹 Lucha Libre-Inspired Cocktails
Indulge in Latin spirits, tequilas, margaritas, and signature cocktails named after famous Mexican wrestlers. It’s a celebration of El Machito’s comeback.

🎉 Southside Sensation
The Brooks City Base location, nestled under ancient oak trees, is set to become the Southside sensation with El Machito’s grilled meats. It’s a match made in La Gloria!

Don’t miss out on this fiery collaboration, where tradition meets innovation at La Gloria Brooks! 🔥🍖

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