April 14, 2024

Kiddie Park is relocating

Kiddie Park is moving to the San Antonio Zoo! For a little over 93 years, the park served many young and old at it’s Broadway location. With an increase in development in the area and a lack of parking. The fit for both the zoo and the kiddie park have come together in fruition. This move will allow more visitation to the attractions they deserve.

As far as for the rides, they will be on the outer perimeter of the zoo, that way visitors won’t be forced into purchasing a zoo admission. The future vision will include other recreation attractions such as Ray Lambert Swimming Beach, donkey rides, speed boat races and rides, paddle boat rides and even a beer garden.

The relocation will invigorate the area that was once the zoo’s main entrance.

We have confirmed that the Kiddie Park’s memorial brick path will also move to the new location.

“It made great sense to hand off Kiddie Park to San Antonio Zoo,” said Rad Weaver, co-owner of Kiddie Park. “My family, my partners and our team took great pride in restoring Kiddie Park in 2009 and wanted to ensure that it was here many more years for the families of San Antonio to enjoy. San Antonio Zoo and this location is the perfect fit,” said Weaver.

“We all have a special place in our hearts for Kiddie Park and did not want to see it go the way of Playland Park or other lost attractions we all grew up with.” said Brent Conger, co-owner of Kiddie Park. “The zoo has decades of experience with ride operations, the train, their own carousel and an infrastructure that will greatly benefit Kiddie Park operations and the visitor experience,” stated Conger.

The park at the original location off of Broadway will be open until the last day of May if you want to visit one last time before the big move.

3015 Broadway St, San Antonio, TX 78209

Kiddie Park is moving to San Antonio Zoo! Press Release:Kiddie Park owners and San Antonio Zoo have come together…

Posted by Kiddie Park on Tuesday, April 9, 2019