April 14, 2024

Iconic North Star mall cowboy boot artist dead at 76

DAN BULLOCK…BOB "DADDY-O" WADE…HEAVEN'S NEW ARTIST IN RESIDENCE…(1943-2019)Just when we're grieving the loss of…

Posted by Dan Bullock on Tuesday, December 24, 2019

On Monday, Dan Bullock, close friend of artist Bob “Daddy-O” Wade confirmed the death of the iconic North Star Mall Cowboy Boots artist. Wade died in his home at the age of 76. He had been with him a few days and Wade complained of not feeling well.

The boots that can be seen off of 410 had won the Guinness World Records for the “Largest Cowboy Boot Sculpture” at 33ft. and 4in. tall and 9ft. wide.

The boots were constructed of a mix of concrete with fiberglass of what Wade called “baby Eiffel Tower” in a criss-cross steel structure.