April 18, 2024

Huge development breaking ground near UTSA

We’re talking about a $320 million massive project plotted on 50 acres of undeveloped land near the UTSA Boulevard and I-10 corridor. Developer, KDC Real Estate Development & Investments, who developed the new Frost downtown tower will be overseeing this project. There will be a new road developed called University Pass that will connect UTSA Boulevard and Hausman Road together. The new project will be along this new road.

Phase one will be completed by October 2019 which will include 150 apartment units. When the project is completed entirely, 320 apartment units will be available for move in.

In August, another phase will begin that will include a brand new Starbucks, a gym and many other business offices to the area. Then in September, a brand new Aloft Hotel will be constructed. At the completion of the project, more than 1 million square feet of the space will contain 1,000 town homes and apartment units also 100,000 square foot space of retail and restaurants.

For students and residents in the area already, traffic will increase and traffic has already been bad in the area, even with the new lanes and improvements. The developers stated they have plans to alleviate the traffic flow in the area.