June 16, 2024

Hot Joy Bids Farewell to Southtown Location, Announces Move

San Antonio, TX — After a decade of serving the San Antonio community with its eclectic and vibrant cuisine, Hot Joy is closing the doors of its Southtown location at 1014 South Alamo Street. Known for its high-voltage atmosphere, innovative dishes, and memorable events, Hot Joy has been a staple in the local dining scene since its opening.

In an emotional farewell message, Hot Joy expressed gratitude to its early guests, regular patrons, and even its one-star reviewers. The message acknowledged everyone who contributed to the restaurant’s journey, from those who endured the hot and humid dining room to those who supported the establishment on social media.

“Thank you for giving us a chance to do what we love to do,” the message read, emphasizing the community’s role in Hot Joy’s success.

The message also gave a special shoutout to the punk/surf rock bands, DJs, drag performers, and out-of-town bartenders who added to the restaurant’s unique ambiance. Hot Joy fondly recalled memorable events, such as the ill-conceived crab caramel wing eating contest, the 31 flavor wing Wednesday, and the time they received a cease and desist from a local seafood restaurant.

“We will always remember the laughs, tears, turmoil, and tons of joy,” the message stated, highlighting the rollercoaster of experiences that defined their Southtown tenure.

However, Hot Joy is not disappearing from the San Antonio food scene. The restaurant announced its relocation to a new spot off Broadway & Jones, in the same building as industry favorites Pumpers and NOLA. The team assured patrons that the move is a continuation of the party, with plans to bring back old-school dishes like tater tot chaat, pork belly tacos, and tofu steam buns.

The farewell also included a humorous reflection on kitchen mishaps, like leaving a pot of tonkotsu on high heat overnight and discovering the true meaning of a phrase painted in one of their booths.

In their goodbye, Hot Joy paid tribute to their staff, both past and present, and highlighted key figures who were instrumental in their journey. They shared a heartfelt thanks to their kitchen manager, best friend Arturo Sida, and the visionary behind their design, Gregorio Mannino.

“Arturo Sida, our kitchen manager & best friend…Gregorio Mannino, the mastermind behind our kaleidoscope of color & design freakery that became synonymous with Hot Joy…and Danny Gonzalez, our electrician who would drop everything to come bail us out in the middle of a busy service…we love & miss you guys forever, and hope your ghosts come to happily haunt the new Hot Joy,” they wrote.

As they prepare to move north, Hot Joy remains committed to delivering the same level of excitement and culinary innovation that made them a beloved fixture in Southtown. The transition period, starting June 18th until they settle into the new location later this summer, promises to bring back cherished dishes and possibly a few surprises.

San Antonio friends are invited to join Hot Joy in this new chapter, with a promise of continued culinary adventures and unforgettable dining experiences.