June 23, 2024

Historic Victoria’s Black Swan Inn to host Paranormal Fest 2022

Calling all San Antonio area paranormal fans, the Paranormal Fest at the historic Victoria’s Black Swann Inn is back this year for mystery, ghost stories, shopping, lectures, food and so much more.

The event will be happing on Saturday, September 17th, 2022 starting at 4pm for regular admission. There is a VIP investigation event that will be happening the night prior on Friday, September 17th, 2022 from 4pm till 11pm and that includes a ticket to the regular paranormal fest Saturday for $90.

VIP investigation celebrates the 180th anniversary of the Battle of Salado / Dawsons Massacre that occurred on September 17, 1842, when the activity is high. Bringing your own equipment is recommended but they’ll have free equipment to rent out.

The event on Saturday will include a tour of the haunted Victoria’s Black Swan Inn, artist and artisan vendors to browse from, complimentary bar with free adult beverages, spooky snacks, creepy San Antonio Lore, Oddities, herbs and candle work, local paranormal investigator teams, women who work in paranormal panel, psychics, mediums and palm readers, ghost photo booth for fun, food trucks and drinks, and free parking.

Guest speaker Andrea Perron will be there telling about her experience on the haunt in the real Conjuring home that was investigated by Edd and Lorraine Warren. She speaks to people to help explain what paranormal is. Also speaking at the event are Carl L. Johnson and James Annitto, who both are experts in the demonology and paranormal investigation field. The post on Facebook exclaims that they’ll be adding more speakers soon to be announced.

Tickets are on sale on this website. The event is brought to you by Curious Twins Paranormal & Ghost Tours.